Benefits of Staying at a Vacation Home Rental

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When you plan your family vacation to LBI, one of the most important choices you’ll be making is where to stay. You can stay at a vacation home rental, reserve a hotel room, or book a room at a bed & breakfast, which are all nice choices, but you’ll have to choose the one that best suites your family.

We may be biased, but we think staying at a vacation home rental has the most benefits and should be at the top of your list.

Benefits of Staying at a Vacation Home Rental

So, what are the benefits of staying at a vacation home rental?

  • There’s plenty of room for everyone in the family.
  • You have your own fully-stocked kitchen and can prepare the exact food you want.
  • There’s space for the kids to play.
  • There’s space for the adults to relax.
  • You don’t have to squeeze into one small room. You have bedrooms and a living room to spread out and enjoy.
  • You’re part of the community with friendly neighbors.
  • There’s plenty of amenities, including free wi-fi, games (including board games, cards, and puzzles), DVD players and movies, and outdoor backyard space.
  • There’s a washer & dryer, so you you can do laundry when you want on your schedule.
  • There’s no need to leave for housekeeping every morning. The entire stay is your time and you’re on your schedule. Sleep in as long as you want!
  • You have more privacy. No awkward silence in an elevator or running into hundreds of other guests in the lobby.
  • You can be comfortable working remotely and have a great view.

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